Dr Fanya Ismail

Dr Fanya Ismail

CEO & Founder,

Fanya Ismail is recognised as one of the most innovative women in the UK as she was announced a winner of “Women in Innovation” award 2019 by Innovate UK for inventing a paper coating technology to replace plastic linear in coffee cups. She is the CEO and founder of SGMA, a company focusing on the development of sol-gel technology, delivering solutions to global challenges. She is an entrepreneur, with expertise that span the chemistry, business and legal sector. Fanya obtained a PhD from the University of Manchester in 2003. She previously worked for QMUL, University of Manchester and Kingston University.

  • Outlining my journey to winning funding as one of the UK’s most innovative female-led businesses
  • Exploring how to create a new innovative product and develop a business based on research, supported by a growing team of researchers
  • Sharing a personal journey of progression and career development in research, from beginning as an academic researcher at the University of Manchester to starting a research based business

 Winner of Women in Innovation Award 2019