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Professor Uduak Archibong MBE, Director, Centre for Inclusion and Diversity, University of Bradford (invited)

  • Exploring the main barriers for women in progressing in research careers and evaluating the steps being taken by UKRI to advance equality, diversity and inclusion in research
  • Assessing the development of the new External Advisory Group into equality and how the sector can support conditions for the entire research and innovation workforce to thrive
  • Conducting robust data analysis of research career paths and assessing interventions which enhance outcomes for women in research roles
  • Analysing solutions to tackle the significant under representation of women as grant holders in key research fields

Professor Jennifer Rubin, Executive Champion for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, UK Research and Innovation (invited)

  • Evaluating the challenge facing women in academic roles with women only representing 20.5% of professorships
  • Sharing practical solutions in developing a culture of equal progression with mentorship, leadership support and positive action interventions
  • Designing an inclusive work environment within academic career paths which supports improved access for women
  • Harnessing evidence-based strategies and acting on feedback to identify, monitor and overcome barriers women face within research roles

Gary Loke, Former Deputy Chief Executive at Equality Challenge Unit and Director of Knowledge, Innovation and Delivery, Advance HE (CONFIRMED)

  • Examining the key personal and professional obstacles women face when returning to research from a career break
  • Sharing insights into the support available to women that can enhance their confidence and progression upon their return to the research profession
  • Exploring the role of effective mentorship, retraining and network development to women returning to research fields
  • Evaluating the next steps in transforming the research and innovation sector to facilitate diverse working patterns and support career progression for those with diverse backgrounds

Dr Katie Perry, CEO, The Daphne Jackson Trust (CONFIRMED)

  • Analysing solutions in supporting more women to professorships to enhance the recruitment pool for senior roles across higher education institutions
  • Harnessing the knowledge and talents of women below professorial level and supporting improved progression
  • Evaluating how to ensure women have equal access to research funding in order to allow the development of an academic career
  • Sharing practical approaches to tackling unconscious bias and improving selection processes
  • Exploring pathways to senior leadership roles across higher education

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Manchester (invited)

  • Understanding the key entry points for women entering academic careers and the main obstacles faced in pursuing post doctorate and lectureship positions
  • Overcoming the challenges of the ‘leaky pipeline’ at the early stages with renewed approaches to those with care responsibilities and career breaks
  • Analysing the recruitment, selection and progression processes across higher education and how these can be designed to support diversity and fair access to the research profession
  • Developing guidance and support processes for women seeking to enter an academic career

Professor Seralynne Vann, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow and Member, Diversity Committee Royal Society (CONFIRMED)

Gain the latest insights from leaders in the higher education and research sector on delivering innovative approaches to encourage the promotion of women in research and academia by building self-confidence and resilience

  • Exploring approaches for encouraging more women to apply for senior research positions, PHD’s and pursue careers in research
  • Challenging stereotypes and unconscious bias which prevent women from progressing to senior positions in research careers
  • Outlining strategies for building self-confidence and resilience amongst women so that they feel confident in applying for research positions and promotions
  • Analysing how to successfully create a more diverse research workforce which includes gender and racial parity

Professor Tom Welton, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperial College London (CONFIRMED)
Professor Simonetta Manfredi, Founding Director, The Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice, Oxford Brookes University (CONFIRMED)
Dr Karen Salt, Assistant Professor in Transnational American Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Nottingham (CONFIRMED)
Professor Giovanni Razzu, Head of Department of Economics, University of Reading (invited)

  • Identifying the major challenges facing BAME women in research, such as progression and equal opportunities
  • Outlining effective strategies for overcoming exclusion and marginalisation and achieving racial parity of BAME women in academia
  • Discussing how Black British Academics helps to support diversity in higher education institutions
  • Sharing findings from research undertaken by Black British Academics and the Black Sister Network around race and gender including ‘Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of Women of Colour Surviving and Thriving in British Academia’

Dr Deborah Gabriel, Founder and Director, Black British Academics (CONFIRMED)

  • Outlining my journey to a successful research career in industry
  • Exploring career options in the research industry and sharing how a successful secondment from industry to academia has supported my development and created new challenges as a researcher
  • Sharing practical insights for developing and improving self confidence in the workplace
  • Reflecting on working at Crick as a female researcher and how this will shape my work back at GSK

Jo Redmond, Medicinal Chemistry Leader, Crick/GSK Biomedical LinkLabs (invited)

  • Outlining my journey to winning funding as one of the UK’s most innovative female-led businesses
  • Exploring how to create a new innovative product and develop a business based on research, supported by a growing team of researchers
  • Sharing a personal journey of progression and career development in research, from beginning as an academic researcher at the University of Manchester to starting a research based business

 Winner of Women in Innovation Award 2019

Dr Fanya Ismail, CEO & Founder, SGMA (CONFIRMED)